Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wait, it's Thursday?

Do you ever wake up not knowing where or when you are? Of course you do - everyone does. I woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the window A/C unit, and I thought something was going terribly wrong. Indiana has been in a state of drought emergency all summer, so instead of recognizing the soft pelting/chinking noise as rain drops on metal, I thought the unit was exploding. Of course my first reaction was to kick and shake it. We all make wonderful decisions at 4 a.m.

I miss Colorado storms. Photo from Jason Poulton

Before I go any further, I should let you all know that I talk about exercise and working out a lot. Like, all of the time. Other than sleeping, eating and working, it's the only thing I do everyday that isn't a natural body function. You've been warned.

Tuesday morning I woke up once again to a beautifully cool day, which made me excited for my run. I have discovered that my days go much better (most of the time) when I get a run in early; my body feels better and I know that immediately I've done something good for myself. It's also beneficial because I'm generally not awake enough to veto running - by the time I realize what I'm doing (tired or not), it's too late and I might as well finish. Anyway, the morning run started off great! I run MUCH better when the the weather is cooler; I feel stronger and am more inclined to push myself to run just a little faster or farther. I can't wait for fall and for long morning/evening runs. I'm over the hot dry summer.

After work, I checked out the Jordan YMCA (Kaleb and I are switching our memberships from LA Fitness for a variety of reasons) and was blown away by the facility. Not only is it well kept, but the staff is friendly, the people are friendly, and the organization itself promotes and supports community wellness - mind, body and spirit. Definitely something I can get behind. Oh, and it's cheaper, and there are two within walking distance of my house. Triple win.

After my pathetic body weight circuit, I hopped over to Whole Foods for some dinner of free samples (you know it's your favorite part of the store), and salad bar goodness. I wish I had a photo of the atrocious-looking  yet delicious salad I made. A combination of three different preparations of tofu, detox salad (I have no idea what was in this, but it was tasty and anything with "detox" sounds oddly delightful to me), quinoa...and cheese. And some lettuce. Ooh, and artichokes and mushrooms. Kind of like my veggie surprise (which you'll soon be familiar with), only fancy.

Dinner box in hand, I head over to Jaymie's for an AdvoCare mixer. Jaymie and her husband Cory recently became reps for the company and were introducing some friends to the products, philosophy and company. I'm rather skeptical of artificial/supplementation for nutrition. I believe that whole, natural, local foods that are in season and prepared well is the best way to sustain yourself, you community and the environment. That being said, I also know that because of industry and the current state of the economy, that isn't necessarily something everyone can afford to do or has access too. Art, the main speaker, had a lot to say about the science and medical backing of the products, and I was impressed with who supports and uses them (many big state universities, as well as the US Olympics, as I'm told). I'm still going to do my research, but I'm considering doing the 24-day challenge, as described in Jaymie's blog. Both Jaymie and Cory are thrilled with the changes that have happened to their health and bodies, and I support the idea of a good detox every now and then. Especially considering how much wine and beer I drink.

Wednesday was Bike to Work day this week (I'm taking a spin class with Maria Romain, I'm SO excited). The ride was wonderful as usual (which is a lie, sometimes it's not wonderful), and I managed to pump out a few miles of jogging (with a soft "j" so it's sort of like running but not really) after. I'm attempting to prepare for the Go Girl Sprint Triathlon (16 days!) as best as I can, so I bike and run. Swim? Who swims...Repeated the same circuit on my way home from work...then ate everything. And by everything, I mean La Parada - the best Mexican restaurant in Indianapolis according to everyone who I know, which is a lot of people. Kaleb and his family postponed their FL departure to this morning, so I got to spend more time with him last night. It's his birthday today; I'm bummed I can't spend it with him, but if your options are Florida or work, I'd choose Florida, too.

So here we are. It's Thursday. Zumba tonight, dancing tomorrow, and lots of reading for the weekend.


  1. I'm so glad I read this right next to you so you could listen to me giggle at your wonderful sense of humor :)

    Thanks bunches for coming to the mixer! It was good to have you over, and I'm really glad that Art could give you a better introduction to AdvoCare products than this dummy could.

    Also, thanks for the shout-out, friend :)

    1. Any time! I love listening to people when they read what I rant about.

      I'm excited to start the 24-day Challenge! Start thinking of questions to ask me ;)