Friday, August 10, 2012

Of course I put Yoohoo in my protein shake, don't you?

Remember when I said I don't get up at 5:30 a.m. on Friday mornings? Well, today I got up at 4:45 a.m. Yes, before the sun. Before the crows. Before...before anyone else in my house.

I got up at this ungracious hour to take Maria's spin class at the YMCA Indy Bike Hub. It was my first time to the facility and I was blown away.
This photo is from Yelp. I don't know who took it, but it's good.
Up until about a year ago (before I got really into running. I know, just a year ago I wasn't running much at all!), I was spinning at LA Fitness 5-6 days a week. I love it. I love racing against myself, feeling my heart beat in time with the music, and challenging my body in different postures on a bike. I loved walking into the studio anxious and walking out completely spent. When I started working on the north side of Indy, it became impossible to make 5:30 p.m. spin classes on time. With the 30 minute sign up lag and the limited space, I found myself consistently let down and at a want for a hard cardio work out (here comes running, kids). Fed up with the lack of access to the classes I want, adequate (and operable) equipment, and the overall environment, I decided a few months back to consider transferring my gym membership to the Y (if none of the same issues were prevalent).

Anyway, Maria's class was excellent. She designs her rides so people of all age, fitness and skill levels can participate to their own abilities, which I really appreciate. I love working out and sweating with a variety of people; it's encouraging to know and see different ages and health levels working to better themselves in the same way.

In short: go and take a class; you own't regret it. Plus, Bicycle Garage has a store there, so you can oogle when you're done working out.

But back to the Yahoo. I biked over to the Marsh post workout to get some yogurt, and of course ended up cruising the aisles. That's what I do to unwind, cruise the aisles of super centers. Meijer is my favorite.

While admiring the various types of coffee Marsh has (trying the coffee with chicory as soon as I have an extra $10), my eyes behold wonder: single-serving Yoohoo packets - 10 for $10. I. Was. Floored. Sincerely, I clapped with delight and looked for someone with whom to share my wonder. "This will be amazing in my protein shake when I get home," I proclaim proudly, out loud. No one was around. Friendly little five calorie packets of creamy chocolate deliciousness is EXACTLY what I wanted post work out. That and pizza.

I Googled "YooHoo" and ended up with a bunch of images of Furbies. What?

I don't even care what Yoohoo is made of, I dropped two packs in with my neutral flavored protein powder, added a cup of water or milk or both (lets be honest, I didn't care, I was too excited), whized away with my Magic Bullet (a sweet Goodwill find - holler $2 blender!), and sipped. Sweet, sweet delicious Yoohoo protein shake. It was everything I imagined. Almost. Actually, it was too chocolately, so I added more water, and popped it in the freezer while I went and showered. And drank coffee. I also drank a bottle of green tea. No wonder I'm so...hydrated. It was a glorious morning.

The rest of the day marked some unfortunate (for me and the rest of my co-workers) events. Courtney and Brittani completed their work with ASI this afternoon and are moving on to bigger and better things. I wish them both luck. We tried to get the team together for a goodbye lunch celebration, but the Bloomington girls already had plans down south, so the Indy office did our best without them. Some goodbye emails were sent later in the day (though I hear they were undelivered/received), but tears weren't shed; we're happy and again excited to see Courtney and Brittani continue to pursue their dreams.

The weather is beautiful right now, so Miss Abby and I both went for short runs. Tonight is dancing with some friends (a much needed gathering, for sure), followed by a busy weekend. I hope you all have great weekends!

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